Glenmore Road Public School

Vitai Lampada, The Torch of Life

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The P&C Committee

The fabulous Colour Run in 2018

The P&C is all of us

Glenmore Road Public School is known for it's vibrant community. And this community magic is created because of the wonderful parents and carers who get involved and support our school and the P&C. 

What does the P&C do?

The P&C works collaboratively with our Principal, teachers and parents to; foster community connection, raise much needed funds for additional educational resources, technology and facilities, and create the best possible school environment for our children to learn in. We also throw really memorable family-friendly and parent events! 

How can you get involved?

You don't need to be on the P&C Committee to get involved. The first step is to come to a monthly meeting held either at the school or locally. Information is always published in the school newsletter. 

You could also: 

- volunteer at the uniform shop
- help the P&C find and apply for grants
- organise or help at working bees 
- volunteer at events or help with planning 
- or yes - you could sit on the committee!  

Our current committee is: 

President Lauren O'Neile
Vice President  Matt Campbell
Vice President  Ben Lucas
Secretary David Finch 
Treasurer Kylie Archer 

The P&C looks forward to meeting you. Please contact us, or visit our website or instagram.