Glenmore Road Public School

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Principal's Message

January 2022 

Dear Glenmore Road Public School families,

Welcome to a new school year, an exciting and challenging time as our students start or return to their school journey.

While this is not going to be a normal start to the school year, we know that being together in the classroom is the most effective way for students to learn, grow and feel safe and secure. As they do every year, teachers will be working closely with each other and their students to provide relevant and engaging lessons, thus allowing all students to maximise their potential, academically, emotionally and socially. 

The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and school community remain our priority. We will start with a layered approach to COVID-smart measures that have been developed in partnership with NSW Health to help to minimise transmissions at school. These measures are designed to help to keep our school open and our students learning in the classroom, where we know the best learning happens.

Working together and building on what we have learnt from the last two years provides me enthusiasm and positivity for the school year ahead. I expect that flexibility and the drive to succeed will again be essential qualities that take us on new daily life and educational journeys towards our individual and shared successes.

As a school community we are ready and well equipped to manage unexpected challenges and prosper in 2022. I look forward to the school remaining an important hub in the community and connecting with parents, carers and extended family in new and creative ways as the school year begins. Take care and thank you again for your continued support.

See you at the school gate soon.

Karen Sinclair