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Vitai Lampada, The Torch of Life

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About our school

At Glenmore Road Public School we take pride in delivering an excellent education in a warm and nurturing environment. Our teachers are highly trained, caring individuals who are committed to helping all our students realise their potential across all the key learning areas (KLAs) as well as across our broad range of extracurricular activities. We are an innovative school community that supports the idea of lifelong learning. We continuously evaluate our approaches to learning to ensure that our school is always at the cutting edge.

Strong foundations in literacy and numeracy

Glenmore Road Public School has always had a strong commitment to literacy. Our experienced staff are always up to date on current teaching practices and we also strongly value and promote the role of parents in developing and improving children’s literacy. Literacy and numeracy skills of our students are developed across all KLAs, and progress is carefully monitored through regular assessments.

Technology that prepares every student for the future

Glenmore Road Public School has leading technology programs and facilities. Technology is a vital component of our curriculum from Kindergarten to Year 6. Students have access to laptops and iPads all with internet access. This is complemented with Interactive Whiteboard Technology in each classroom.  Teachers allow children to develop and explore the world of information technology through all key learning areas (KLAs).

Active and healthy students

The Personal Development, Health and Physical Education curriculum provides structured opportunities for students to enjoy regular physical exercise. As well, the school promotes an active lifestyle through our active playground program, unstructured play in our playground and participation in competitive and non-competitive sports. Glenmore Road Public School participates in local and regional inter-school sports competitions and has a learn-to-swim program for younger students.

Effective student care and discipline programs

Our school community strongly supports our care and discipline program. At Glenmore Road Public School we are Responsible, Respectful Learners. Our regulations are agreed to by our student and parent bodies and based on respect for the individual and for others. As a result, our caring and harmonious environment enables students to learn and to develop personally, socially and academically. There is strong support from parents and staff at Glenmore Road Public School for the wearing of a school uniform. We believe it helps to promote school pride and encourages the students to feel part of a cohesive and supportive community.

Responsible citizens and leaders

Students are able to experience democratic processes and to develop effective problem-solving strategies through participation in peer mentoring programs, student leadership programs, student conferencing and the student representative council. Students and teachers work together. The students at Glenmore Road Public School are encouraged to have discussions and to make their own decisions as individuals as well as members of a group.

Proud of our achievements

Glenmore Road Public School has a strong creative and performing arts program. There are opportunities for students to participate in the school band, string ensembles and choir. Students in Years 3-6 have the opportunity to participate in Wakakirri and the Schools Spectacular.

Excellent facilities

The school is well equipped with modern facilities such as a well-resourced library, extensive technology resources, a large hall suitable for performances (and other school functions) and our parent body is continuing to raise funds to develop our playground into a safe and beautifully landscaped playing area. Our well-resourced library is at the heart of learning at Glenmore Road Public School with internet access and up-to-date software available to students to assist their research.

A dynamic school community

Our parent body meets regularly and there is a high level of involvement and support from our parents and volunteers. We actively encourage parents to support our teaching and learning programs. There are regular opportunities for teachers and parents to meet to discuss student progress and to enhance the home and school relationship to further support the educational goals of their children.

Starting school successfully

Our orientation program provides many opportunities for children starting Kindergarten to settle into a school routine, mix with groups of other children and to engage in both structured and unstructured play activities.